Awesome Fountains


“If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water.”
– Loren Eisley

We at Water Miracles intend to bring this magic into your homes, workplace and the places you visit.Our wide array of fountains will cast a spell on you as no matter what your personal taste might be, we not only have something that suits you perfectly but we also customize as per requirements. Our range includes Jet Fountains, Cascade Fountains, Dancing Fountains, Dandelion Fountains, Garden Fountains, Geyser Fountains, Interactive Fountains, Musical Fountains, Programmable Fountains, Static Fountains, Wall Fountains, Ultra Fast Action Fountains, String Water Curtain Fountains, Water Sheet Fountains, Ball Fountain, Architectural Fountain, Dome Fountain and Water Park Fountain. These are carefully designed and fit aesthetically into your décor.