About Us

Welcome To Water Miracle


Water – the most soothing element of nature. Its close proximity has a miraculous effect on us. It’s our love for this element and an intention to bring its beauty closer to our customers that led to forming Water Miracles.

To design, innovate & create some of the most interesting water features and to work with leading architects and designers around the world on challenging projects.

Our team is a bunch of trained and highly motivated individuals with over 10 years of domain experience who have worked with the best of designers, architects, manufactures and projects in the industry.

Our objective is to design, innovate and create beautiful water features. And to fulfil this objective we are constantly working on doing our bit of research and development to provide cutting- edge technology to ensure that for each project we either give the best solution or invent one. And so, we believe in partnering with the designers, architects, engineers and contractors in their quest for successful and enduring projects in the containment and display of water.